Lori’s “Lotus Moment” on Transformation

In this series, we’ll share our sponsors’, founders’, and attendees’ “Lotus Moment” – that moment they realized that even beautiful things are created from the mud and tough times in life and we are transformed. This week we’ll begin with our Lotus sponsor Lori Pedford. For Lori, it’s her clients’ “Lotus Moments” that drove her to create her own company in the first place! Thanks for what you do, Lori. 

by Lori Pedford, Praxis Benefits

Lori Pedford, Praxis Benefits

Recently, a friend, client, and fellow female business owner was diagnosed with cancer. It’s such a devastating word, and everyone that has crossed paths with it themselves or through a loved one knows how that terrifying word seems to echo into your bones and tends to reverberate through financial devastation. As much as I wished we could have prevented her from ever getting cancer, we at least knew we had done what we could to prepare for it; we encouraged early screenings and promoted a focus on health and wellness to strengthen her body along the way. We also provided impactful insurance benefits through our corporate wellness program, Impact!

As my client and friend not only battled, but conquered, the C word, she shared with me how the money from her insurance benefits eased the burden and literally changed her family’s life, and she thanked me for preparing her for something she never saw coming.

As a young female business owner in a very male-dominated industry, I can’t, nor would I want to skate by with the status quo business practices of your average insurance agent. Instead, I have developed products and plans that have enabled me to position myself and my company into the lives of other business owners to make a substantial difference in the health, wellness, and financial security in their personal lives, their companies, and the lives of their employees. We set a path for our clients to live their best lives while preparing for the worst.

In my line of work, I’m quite often exposed to the devastation of unexpected accidents and illnesses, and each time it changes me a little bit more. It hardens me in a way that gives me strength, and it softens me in a way that helps me see people in a deeper way. I’m continually transformed as I interact with the lives and stories of my clients, and I’m grateful to them for helping me become a better person.

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We provide tax saving strategies for businesses, no cost benefits for employees, and strategic insurance options for individuals. 

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Style Coach Patty Talks Her Personal Brand Power

by Patty Rankin, SHE Leads OKC 2019 Speaker + Co-founder

Patty will be sharing her wisdom on Transforming Your Personal Style at the conference. Last year, Patty was a guest on fellow SHE Leads speaker Malena’s podcast. So, this is about that…plus the link to the episode is at the end. xoxo

I had the honor of being interviewed by Malena Lott Putnam Personal Brand Power Strategist, Social Media Guru, Speaker, Author, Decor Space Organizer, Leading learner of all things personalities and what makes us tick and communicate better, Dancing Queen, Lover of Life and High Heels, and one of my nearest & dearest best friends.

Like many of my fellow fempreneurs, she successfully & passionately juggles a variety of projects and one of her newest ones is her personal and professional growth podcast.

 I’ve gained so many arrows from each of her podcast series and because I am a person who likes to do better and be better (with some nudging) this is why I want to share her insights with you and give you an intro to this woman.

Oh … and also … I am featured on her newest series on the podcast.

I’d love for you to take time to listen, learn, and LAUGH a lot and check out the podcast here!

Readers, learn more about Patty and her style coaching biz here. 

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Transformational Travel: Wellness Retreats + Solo Travel

by Beth Hill, a SHE Leads OKC 2019 Speaker

Beth Hill, Travel Advisor & Owner of Mangata Travel is sharing her wisdom from traveling to more than 80 countries in her life and booking fantastic vacations around the world for her clients with SHE Leads on March 29th! Her topic is Explore & Expand: Transformational Travel and Leading a More Adventurous Life. Beth will touch on why world travel is transformational as well as the benefits of solo travel and wellness retreats. Bring your questions and an open mind with you. This following post is adapted from her blog.

If your idea of a perfect vacation is visiting a place that allows you to unwind, relax and recharge, then the growing trend of “Wellness Travel” may be just what you need.  Wellness retreats are geared toward the mind, body, and spirit, with everything from meditation and yoga to natural remedies and organic cuisine to a variety of outdoor activities. They’re places that travelers can leave feeling rejuvenated.  I recently spent an incredible week doing just this at Rancho La Puerta.  In addition, I have several others I highly recommend.

Mangata Travel’s Select Wellness Collection includes resorts that have been carefully chosen based on their unique amenities. Because of our relationship with these resorts, Mangata Travel can offer clients exclusive benefits when they book a vacation. Here’s a look at what some of these resorts have to offer.

Thailand. The Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, in Thailand, is perched on a ridge overlooking the hills of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. An elephant camp provides a unique opportunity to get close to these gentle giants. The resort offers massages and facials, spa treatments, cooking lessons and guided tours of the region, with its ancient temples and museums. Guests can use multiple running and walking trails, go biking and take part in outdoor yoga.

St. Lucia. For a beach vacation combined with outdoor activities including golf and scuba diving, consider a trip to Body Holiday, an all-inclusive luxury resort on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia. Guests can try the resort’s exclusive body wrap and a relaxing massage, as well as the therapeutic mineral bath spa at colorful Diamond Falls. History buffs can explore Pigeon Island National Historic Park and the remains of an 18th-century fort.

To continue reading, visit her blog here. 

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Shelby Simpson’s Happy Place…it’s HOT

Only makes sense that the author of We’re All Bad in Bed is gonna do our talk on Relationship to Sex & Desire. And by desire, we don’t just mean the hot and bothered kind. We mean the kind that sweeps your soul into a jacuzzi swirl of awesomeness. Only in the case of this blog post from Shelby’s site, she does like things a little steamy…

by Shelby Simpson, SHE Leads OKC 2019 Speaker

Most people have a happy place—a magical location that makes them do an internal double back handspring layout.

For me, three things have always stamped a smiley face on my forehead:

  1. Being outdoors
  2. Water
  3. Warmth

And that short list is what led me to figuring out my sweet spot on Earth—natural hot springs. Oh, the joy. Oh, the steam, and healing water, and beer in my hand to offset the health of it all. I.ADORE.HOT.SPRINGS.

I just can’t get enough. Hot springs and I go together like chocolate and peanut butter, but that doesn’t mean I’m not picky. I’m a bit of a hot springs snob. I prefer springs that haven’t been tampered with by man, but those are hard to find. Most have concrete pools, wood siding, stairs, and an entrance fee for climbing into a giant container for human soup.

I prefer the secret hike in, undress on the banks, tiptoe into the stream, sink into the sand, and lean against some reeds type of hot spring.   And I definitely want to be outside instead of inside. Whoever thought an indoor hot tub was a good idea probably had something to do with stirrup pants.

So for my 40th birthday in November, I did some research, and I decided on Strawberry Park in Steamboat Springs, CO for a weekend of wrinkled skin and flaccid muscles.


There are tons of natural hot springs peppered across the USA, but Strawberry Springs is supposed to be not only the best in Colorado, but also one of the best in the nation.

For more pics and hot spring recs, visit her blog here. 

BUT first, grab your hot and steamy ticket to our conference to hear Shelby talk about sex, desire, and get a copy of her books at the book signing at 4:30p. 

Patty’s Defining Moment That Led to Becoming a Style Coach

Excerpt from Patty’s site. Patty Rankin is the co-founder of SHE Leads OKC and will be a Shift Happens speaker in the afternoon on Transforming Your Personal Style.

patty pic again
Patty Rankin

Why Style Coach?

My passion for style for the everyday woman along with my natural open approach to encourage and guide women in their season of life with their clothing is what led me to Style Coaching. I’ve professionally Style Coached for over 11 years. My mission is to energize, focus, coach, and inspire the EVERYDAY woman to be confident in how to dress their body type. I guide the EVERYDAY woman in learning about what style works best for them in their season of life and connect with who they are today. I’m driven by teaching women to appreciate the pleasure of a great outfit, how to put it together, and wear it with confidence. 

Defining Moment:

I was a little girl in a dressing room with my beautiful Mom. My mom, like all women, was in a season of life where she was fluctuating with her weight. We went shopping for corporate office outfits, she found some items, we went into the dressing room, and I sat down on the little bench. As my Mom proceeded to try on outfits I could see that her demeanor was changing to frustration and she yelled out, “Ugh! None of these clothes work, I’m so fat and I don’t look good in anything.” I looked up at her and I said, “Mama, you’re not fat, you are medium-medium and very pretty. Here, put this dress on, it’s pretty.” She smiled at me and hugged me and laughed and wiped her tears. 


Do you feel you dress to express your authentic self and feel great doing it? Patty to the rescue! Come see her talk on March 29th along with 11 other fabulous thought leaders. See the full agenda here and nab your ticket! xoxo


What Hilarie Blaney is Known For (Hint: it’s in our name!)

Adapted from a client profile of Hilarie Blaney from the Mettise Group

Hilarie Blaney

Hilarie will be speaking to SHE Leads OKC attendees about our relationship to money and success, two things she knows a lot about. Now let’s get to know a bit more about Hilarie.

Hilarie is a Senior Vice President with BancFirst. Her clients include high net worth individuals, businesses, commercial and consumer real estate. Her expertise includes advising medical students, seasoned physicians, small businesses and large corporations in all facets of money management.

In addition to her banking expertise, Hilarie holds certifications from The Protocol School of Washington® in Washington, D.C. PSOW is the only accredited etiquette school in the U.S. Hilarie holds certifications in Corporate Etiquette, Business Image, International and U.S. Protocol.

Hilarie is an award-winning civic volunteer receiving the Paragon Award from Leadership OKC, Sustainer of the Year from Junior League of OKC, and Pi Beta Phi Crest Award. Hilarie is a founding member of Impact Oklahoma, Inc., and was appointed by Former Governor Henry and Governor Mary Fallin as a trustee of the Oklahoma Student Loan Authority.

  1. What is your business? 40 Year–Commercial and Private Banking Lender and Corporate Etiquette, US and International Protocol expert, certified by The Protocol School of Washington.
  2. Why did you decide to do the work you do? I needed a job in college and immediately loved banking where I especially enjoyed helping women with finances. As for my etiquette work, in my business career, I have seen such a need for training that I was drawn to it. It was a natural for me because I grew up with a Brigadier General father and my family lived overseas in the military, therefore I was well traveled and interested in international customs. Finally, I worked in the Oklahoma Senate, US Senate in Washington and had a love of politics and protocol.
  3. What is your ideal customer? Everyone, I handle small business, families, corporations, professionals and executives and enjoy the financial puzzles I am given for all individuals or companies. Advice is my passion!
  4. What is it that your customers or clients really want? Quick response, correct work and swift handling of mistakes.
  5. What are you known for? Being honest.
  6. What do you love about what you do? Navigating the financial world.
  7. When you aren’t working, what are you likely to be doing? Doing something for someone else!
  8. What are you reading now? “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, again.

Continue reading on the Mettise site

BUT first, grab your ticket so you can hear sage Hilarie at our conference on 3/29/19! Hilarie’s talk is during our Mindset morning. Grab a Half Day or Full Day ticket here. 

True Fit & Mermaid Schools

by Malena Lott Putnam, SHE Leads OKC 2019 Speaker & Co-founder


Malena Lott Putnam

(Orig. posted spring 2017) If your jeans are too tight, chances are you are going to feel miserable. If your shoes don’t fit, every step can be painful. Since I’m getting married in May, I’ve been to a lot of fittings for loved ones in my life. The suits and the dress needed some alterations to get to a true fit. We want the “just right” to feel and look better. It’s not just clothes – humans desire true fit in all areas of their life, yet it’s much harder to pinpoint what that is when it’s anything other than clothes – primarily relationships and careers.


Yes, some people are better at noticing those physical sensations that tell us, “this isn’t working”. A tight chest, a sick stomach, tense muscles, a headache – all signs our body is saying we are in distress because of a wrong fit. If we check in with our emotions and connect the dots, we can see that sadness, boredom, anxiety – and conversely, happiness and peace and joy can tell us when we are in our comfort zone. This is ultimately why I talk so much about personality types and leadership training because we are never done dealing with people – are we? I mean, I hope not. Simply cutting off people entirely is a pretty lonely strategy. It’s knowing when to cut the rope, when to give things some slack, and when to tighten the reins that enable us to manage our lives better.

Last month I joined a CORE group with Mickie Lara and Giant Worldwide which world to build leaders worth following. They do that by focusing on true fit and “knowing yourself to lead yourself” which is key before you can lead anyone else. Not only did I find that my tested personality type was off (ENTJ) – my true fit is a ENTP and that one letter difference was a biggie. I have learned to operate in the world as a “J” to get things done as a mom and entrepreneur, but I am not a CEO-type like ENTJs – I’m a creative independent thinker and innovator who prefers the next big idea over the status quo and I am always juggling passions because my restless mind cannot stop thinking of how to make a room or a brand or the world in general, better. Better is just better. I see problems (or bad fits!) and come up with ways to fix them. I get how this can be a problem for dealing with day-to-day situations and relationships. So I’m working on that, too.

Continue reading here…

But FIRST…have you signed up for the conference yet? It’s March 29th, so get your registration in and you’ll be added to the private Facebook group we are creating on March 10th so get to know each other a bit better before we all meet in person! Malena’s talk will be in the afternoon session on Transforming Your Personal Brand Power (and avoiding poison arrows.)

Love Yourself

by Mandi Briggs, SHE Leads OKC 2019 Speaker

Yesterday, I had a massage for the first time since I left Bali a year ago. I debated gifting that to myself.

Mandi Briggs

Did I really need one? After agonizing over it for 4 days, I broke down and bought myself a massage. Let me tell you, it was worth every penny.

Why is it that we are willing to spend money on others, but not on ourselves? Why is it that we pour into others’ lives, but won’t pour into our own? Someone else needs help moving, I’m there. A friend is feeling under the weather? I don’t think twice about canceling plans. In fact, let me bring them soup while they rest. Feeling bummed about a breakup? Let’s go get a pedicure and enjoy a nice glass of wine to cheer you up.

Yet, when I’m feeling down, I sit on my couch and continue down a negative spiral. When I’m feeling sick and just want to rest, I think of all the laundry or cleaning that needs to be done. And then I push myself to get up and finish what I started.

Self-care and self-love are SO important to our health, both physically and mentally. Our bodies are these amazing machines that we can push to extremes, yet they also need love and attention.

Many times we think that focusing on our own well-being is selfish. Listen, sister, it’s not selfish. It’s necessary. You cannot pour from an empty well. You need to take care of your own physical and mental well-being so you can show up for your kids, spouse, friends and work fully and completely. You are worth the investment!

So where do you start? A little self-love doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Below are 26 ideas to get you started:

  1. Meditate.
  2. Write yourself a love letter. (my personal FAVE)
  3. Take a nap.
  4. Watch your favorite movie.
  5. Curl up with a good book.
  6. Buy yourself fresh flowers.

Continue reading here…

But first!

Meet Mandi in person at our conference and hear her discuss how our romantic relationships begin with our relationship to yourself. What does being “ready” and staying ready for romance mean? Find out on March 29th! Get your tickets here! Half day, Full day, and College tickets available!


The Meaning of SHE

Smart. Honest. Empowered. That’s our meaning of SHE for our upcoming SHE Leads conference for women in Oklahoma City. Of course, “she” means so much more than a simple acronym. What we know for sure is she should lead her life in the direction of her dreams.

Untitled design-5“She was chaos and beauty intertwined. A tornado of roses from divine.”
Shakieb Orgunwall

“She is a fortress build with fortitude.
She goes on when she’s deadbeat.
She can’t quit, because others are watching. She smiles instead.”
Tatsiana, 99 Sketches: A collection of philosophical and inspirational notes

“She is magic! But she does not know it!”
Avijeet Das

“She never tried- so she never knew how great she was”
Charmaine J Forde

“She’s vodka in a sexy lingerie and high heels.
I’m always drunk.”

“She fulfills every purpose while touching the sky.
Can anything ever stop her fly?”
Patricia Dsouza

“She is of the strangest beauty and the darkest courage, and when she walks with intent the earth trembles beneath her feet.”
Nicole Lyons, Hush

“She walks,
on the streets,
with a face that,
doesn’t belong.
It smiles more than,
many put together,
whole day long.
Her heart misfit,
a little chipped.
And she likes to,
call it once broken,
but now stitched.”
Jasleen Kaur Gumber

“She is like a newborn sun, fresh with promise, the just beginning moments before the day fills like a bucket with good and bad, sweat and longing.”
Katherine Applegate, Home of the Brave