In this series, we’ll share our sponsors’, founders’, and attendees’ “Lotus Moment” – that moment they realized that even beautiful things are created from the mud and tough times in life and we are transformed. This week we’ll begin with our Lotus sponsor Lori Pedford. For Lori, it’s her clients’ “Lotus Moments” that drove her to create her own company in the first place! Thanks for what you do, Lori. 

by Lori Pedford, Praxis Benefits

Lori Pedford, Praxis Benefits

Recently, a friend, client, and fellow female business owner was diagnosed with cancer. It’s such a devastating word, and everyone that has crossed paths with it themselves or through a loved one knows how that terrifying word seems to echo into your bones and tends to reverberate through financial devastation. As much as I wished we could have prevented her from ever getting cancer, we at least knew we had done what we could to prepare for it; we encouraged early screenings and promoted a focus on health and wellness to strengthen her body along the way. We also provided impactful insurance benefits through our corporate wellness program, Impact!

As my client and friend not only battled, but conquered, the C word, she shared with me how the money from her insurance benefits eased the burden and literally changed her family’s life, and she thanked me for preparing her for something she never saw coming.

As a young female business owner in a very male-dominated industry, I can’t, nor would I want to skate by with the status quo business practices of your average insurance agent. Instead, I have developed products and plans that have enabled me to position myself and my company into the lives of other business owners to make a substantial difference in the health, wellness, and financial security in their personal lives, their companies, and the lives of their employees. We set a path for our clients to live their best lives while preparing for the worst.

In my line of work, I’m quite often exposed to the devastation of unexpected accidents and illnesses, and each time it changes me a little bit more. It hardens me in a way that gives me strength, and it softens me in a way that helps me see people in a deeper way. I’m continually transformed as I interact with the lives and stories of my clients, and I’m grateful to them for helping me become a better person.

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We provide tax saving strategies for businesses, no cost benefits for employees, and strategic insurance options for individuals. 

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