Only makes sense that the author of We’re All Bad in Bed is gonna do our talk on Relationship to Sex & Desire. And by desire, we don’t just mean the hot and bothered kind. We mean the kind that sweeps your soul into a jacuzzi swirl of awesomeness. Only in the case of this blog post from Shelby’s site, she does like things a little steamy…

by Shelby Simpson, SHE Leads OKC 2019 Speaker

Most people have a happy place—a magical location that makes them do an internal double back handspring layout.

For me, three things have always stamped a smiley face on my forehead:

  1. Being outdoors
  2. Water
  3. Warmth

And that short list is what led me to figuring out my sweet spot on Earth—natural hot springs. Oh, the joy. Oh, the steam, and healing water, and beer in my hand to offset the health of it all. I.ADORE.HOT.SPRINGS.

I just can’t get enough. Hot springs and I go together like chocolate and peanut butter, but that doesn’t mean I’m not picky. I’m a bit of a hot springs snob. I prefer springs that haven’t been tampered with by man, but those are hard to find. Most have concrete pools, wood siding, stairs, and an entrance fee for climbing into a giant container for human soup.

I prefer the secret hike in, undress on the banks, tiptoe into the stream, sink into the sand, and lean against some reeds type of hot spring.   And I definitely want to be outside instead of inside. Whoever thought an indoor hot tub was a good idea probably had something to do with stirrup pants.

So for my 40th birthday in November, I did some research, and I decided on Strawberry Park in Steamboat Springs, CO for a weekend of wrinkled skin and flaccid muscles.


There are tons of natural hot springs peppered across the USA, but Strawberry Springs is supposed to be not only the best in Colorado, but also one of the best in the nation.

For more pics and hot spring recs, visit her blog here. 

BUT first, grab your hot and steamy ticket to our conference to hear Shelby talk about sex, desire, and get a copy of her books at the book signing at 4:30p. 

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