Excerpt from Patty’s site. Patty Rankin is the co-founder of SHE Leads OKC and will be a Shift Happens speaker in the afternoon on Transforming Your Personal Style.

patty pic again
Patty Rankin

Why Style Coach?

My passion for style for the everyday woman along with my natural open approach to encourage and guide women in their season of life with their clothing is what led me to Style Coaching. I’ve professionally Style Coached for over 11 years. My mission is to energize, focus, coach, and inspire the EVERYDAY woman to be confident in how to dress their body type. I guide the EVERYDAY woman in learning about what style works best for them in their season of life and connect with who they are today. I’m driven by teaching women to appreciate the pleasure of a great outfit, how to put it together, and wear it with confidence. 

Defining Moment:

I was a little girl in a dressing room with my beautiful Mom. My mom, like all women, was in a season of life where she was fluctuating with her weight. We went shopping for corporate office outfits, she found some items, we went into the dressing room, and I sat down on the little bench. As my Mom proceeded to try on outfits I could see that her demeanor was changing to frustration and she yelled out, “Ugh! None of these clothes work, I’m so fat and I don’t look good in anything.” I looked up at her and I said, “Mama, you’re not fat, you are medium-medium and very pretty. Here, put this dress on, it’s pretty.” She smiled at me and hugged me and laughed and wiped her tears. 


Do you feel you dress to express your authentic self and feel great doing it? Patty to the rescue! Come see her talk on March 29th along with 11 other fabulous thought leaders. See the full agenda here and nab your ticket! xoxo


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