Adapted from a client profile of Hilarie Blaney from the Mettise Group

Hilarie Blaney

Hilarie will be speaking to SHE Leads OKC attendees about our relationship to money and success, two things she knows a lot about. Now let’s get to know a bit more about Hilarie.

Hilarie is a Senior Vice President with BancFirst. Her clients include high net worth individuals, businesses, commercial and consumer real estate. Her expertise includes advising medical students, seasoned physicians, small businesses and large corporations in all facets of money management.

In addition to her banking expertise, Hilarie holds certifications from The Protocol School of Washington® in Washington, D.C. PSOW is the only accredited etiquette school in the U.S. Hilarie holds certifications in Corporate Etiquette, Business Image, International and U.S. Protocol.

Hilarie is an award-winning civic volunteer receiving the Paragon Award from Leadership OKC, Sustainer of the Year from Junior League of OKC, and Pi Beta Phi Crest Award. Hilarie is a founding member of Impact Oklahoma, Inc., and was appointed by Former Governor Henry and Governor Mary Fallin as a trustee of the Oklahoma Student Loan Authority.

  1. What is your business? 40 Year–Commercial and Private Banking Lender and Corporate Etiquette, US and International Protocol expert, certified by The Protocol School of Washington.
  2. Why did you decide to do the work you do? I needed a job in college and immediately loved banking where I especially enjoyed helping women with finances. As for my etiquette work, in my business career, I have seen such a need for training that I was drawn to it. It was a natural for me because I grew up with a Brigadier General father and my family lived overseas in the military, therefore I was well traveled and interested in international customs. Finally, I worked in the Oklahoma Senate, US Senate in Washington and had a love of politics and protocol.
  3. What is your ideal customer? Everyone, I handle small business, families, corporations, professionals and executives and enjoy the financial puzzles I am given for all individuals or companies. Advice is my passion!
  4. What is it that your customers or clients really want? Quick response, correct work and swift handling of mistakes.
  5. What are you known for? Being honest.
  6. What do you love about what you do? Navigating the financial world.
  7. When you aren’t working, what are you likely to be doing? Doing something for someone else!
  8. What are you reading now? “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, again.

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BUT first, grab your ticket so you can hear sage Hilarie at our conference on 3/29/19! Hilarie’s talk is during our Mindset morning. Grab a Half Day or Full Day ticket here. 

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