by Mandi Briggs, SHE Leads OKC 2019 Speaker

Yesterday, I had a massage for the first time since I left Bali a year ago. I debated gifting that to myself.

Mandi Briggs

Did I really need one? After agonizing over it for 4 days, I broke down and bought myself a massage. Let me tell you, it was worth every penny.

Why is it that we are willing to spend money on others, but not on ourselves? Why is it that we pour into others’ lives, but won’t pour into our own? Someone else needs help moving, I’m there. A friend is feeling under the weather? I don’t think twice about canceling plans. In fact, let me bring them soup while they rest. Feeling bummed about a breakup? Let’s go get a pedicure and enjoy a nice glass of wine to cheer you up.

Yet, when I’m feeling down, I sit on my couch and continue down a negative spiral. When I’m feeling sick and just want to rest, I think of all the laundry or cleaning that needs to be done. And then I push myself to get up and finish what I started.

Self-care and self-love are SO important to our health, both physically and mentally. Our bodies are these amazing machines that we can push to extremes, yet they also need love and attention.

Many times we think that focusing on our own well-being is selfish. Listen, sister, it’s not selfish. It’s necessary. You cannot pour from an empty well. You need to take care of your own physical and mental well-being so you can show up for your kids, spouse, friends and work fully and completely. You are worth the investment!

So where do you start? A little self-love doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Below are 26 ideas to get you started:

  1. Meditate.
  2. Write yourself a love letter. (my personal FAVE)
  3. Take a nap.
  4. Watch your favorite movie.
  5. Curl up with a good book.
  6. Buy yourself fresh flowers.

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But first!

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