disco ball on floor in room

It’s time to LAUNCH into “IT”!

It’s time to FOLLOW the CALL of the DISCO ball BABY! 

We’ve been through it ladies.

We made the “pivot” in 2020 and went virtual before everybody else hopped onto the virtual conference scene, and we are ecstatic to bring back S.H.E Leads 2021 LIVE IN-PERSON!

This years theme is S.H.E. Launches🚀💥! ⠀

Year one 2019 was S.H.E. Leads. ⠀
Year two 2020 was S.H.E. Leaps. ⠀

Are you ready to LAUNCH💥🚀? ⠀

We’ve been empowered each year and this year it’s time to launch.⠀

What is 🎯”IT”🎯 that you’re ready to launch?⠀

What’s been simmering that is now ready to launch?⠀

What obstacles have been holding you back from launching?⠀

What mindset challenges have kept you from launching?⠀

Why haven’t you launched?⠀

What steps do you need to put in place in order to launch?⠀

The “launch” could be a business, a product, a brand, a website, a podcast, a new service offering, a book, a new habit, a new lifestyle change, a new mindset switch, a new perspective, a new way to better communicate, a wellness journey, a confidence boost, or launching yourself into your passion. ⠀

If I have someone who believes in me, I can move mountains. 🏔️⠀
– Diana Ross – ⠀

Sometimes, that’s all it takes. One person to believe in you. ⠀


Our theme is to Launch but our vibe is “follow the call of the disco ball!”

We are ready to get our high vibe energy on!

Save the Date, Mark your Calendar📅

Get this Shit in your Phone☎️.⠀

Make arrangements NOW! ⠀

🎉THURSDAY JUNE 3RD, 2021 is the 3rd annual

S.H.E. Leads OKC 1-Day Women’s Leadership Conference!🎉 ⠀

Ticket sales will go LIVE on Wednesday April 7th, 2021