Make 2020 your most dynamic year. Take the LEAP! 

How? By getting real, digging in, learning, connecting, and growing.

Mindset + Transformation.

Give yourself permission to see your life’s possibilities and potential.

SHE Leads is a one-day conference for real talk about the topics that affect women in today’s world with ALL NEW TALKS for OKC: crucial conversations, diversity, focus, digital style, business etiquette, female friendships, launching your big idea, wellness, blended families, and how a small town girl from Oklahoma created a successful global brand.

It’s a day of intellectual exploration.

A day to pause and reflect before you hit the play button again.

SHE stands for Smart, Honest, Empowered.

Information is power. Connection is power.

We’ve gathered thought leaders in these categories to get real with us in order to explore what it all means for our next chapter of life and the mark we are going to make on the world.

You are the boss of you, period.

What happens – or not – is in your hands.

This is a no b.s., real talk power meetup with “TED Talk” style presentations.



BancFirst Oklahoma 

Onin Staffing

Chicks in Charge


Wade Innovation

Amberlee Boudoir

RadVine Marketing